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Benefits of Certification

National Board Certification gives teachers the opportunity to be recognized for their commitment to their students and the development of higher level thinkers.  National Board Certification is recognized nationally.

Benefits of Certification for Hawaii Teachers

  • Impact Student Learning

  • Grow as a Teacher

  • Financial Incentives

    •  NBCTs in Hawaii get a $5000 annual bonus each year they are certified! NBCTs working in hard to staff areas can earn additional bonuses!

  • Become a Teacher Leader

    •  National Board Certification opens up doors to leadership opportunities.

  • National Board Certification is recognized nationwide.

  • NBCTs are eligible for an Advanced License and additional fields of licensure in Hawaii.


Benefits of National Certification

  • Direct Impacts of Students

  • Relevant and Impactful Professional Development

  • Created by Teachers for Teachers

  • Changes Teacher Practice

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